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Friday, June 30, 2017

FOXBRIM Organic Castor Oil

As we all heard Castor Oils, Argan Oil and Grapeseed oil are good for us. I do some research about the said oils and one that really caught my attention is the Castor Oil.

Scientific Name – Ricinus communis
Origin – Africa and India
Other Names – Arandi Ka Tel (Hindi), Aamudamu (Telugu), Erandela Tela (Marathi), Amanakku Enney (Tamil), Avanakkenna (Malayalam), and Rerira Tela (Bengali).

Castor Oil has a lot of benefits for your SKIN like; healed inflamed skin, figt signs of aging when used it on your face regularly, reduce acne even if it's an oil, it didn't cause breakouts,it moisturizes skin and fades blemishes.

Castor Oil has a lot of benefits for your HAIR like; promotes hair growth, treat scalp infection, prevents premature hair graying and conditioned hair. 

I really wanna have luscious, voluminous and curved eyelashes and thicker hair and eyebrow that makes me encourage to do some more researched about castor oil and come up with the idea of finding a store to where i can buy and try some. so I went online particularly in Amazon and find out a lot of store and brand to chose from. then, i found this Foxbrim Organic Castor oil and decided to buy it. it's a bit pricey though but good thing a get some deal of it from a friend. As soon as I received it, i did take a chance right away. ever night before going to bed, i put it on with a brush mascara
 brush which i cleaned and emptied it because i used it and used it as an applicator for easy used. I didn't see any result yet after a month but the next month after. I would really say, patience is a virtue. although the result it not as tremendous and as hilarious as what as i have expected but atleast i see the difference. My eyebrow is somewhat thick and long compared before and of course my lashes too. 

Here's my before and after using Castor Oil picture and see the difference. #nofilter I bought this product 6 months ago.

                                        after 2-3 Months of Using Castor Oil: Right Eye

Left Eye


                                        After 6 Months of using Castor Oil and counting!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My carefree pantyliners

Feminine care is part of every woman’s life. Carefree Acti-Fresh liners are soft, thin and absorbent enough to go unnoticed, helping you feel confident throughout your day. 

 I like carefree pantyliner. This is my trusted brand of liners. It is soft and comfy and it has mild smell. It comes with a small pack so you can carry it anywhere you go. Be free be carefree!!! #LinerUp #gotitforfree @CarefreeLiners @influenster from Fierce box vox as a complimentary... 😊😉😍❤❤❤

Monday, February 20, 2017

My Influenster Voxbox

This is my second voxbox from influenster... i love there freebies. From makeups to toilettress and of course their personal stuff.... i am one of those lucky girls that received this cutie awesome box from mail for complimentary and for testing.. i am so happy. Thankyou influenster.. keep posting for new interested freebies by mail.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Homder Automatic Brush Steel Soap Despenser


I received this product with a pretty decent blue box including the item, manual and soap base battery cover and it functioned as described and it is lightweight too. I like the looks of it. It is made up of a durable material. It is steel so i wonder if it is anti-rust. But so far, it does'nt sinxe i put it in a dry area. Good thing avout this is, it's automatic so you just put your hand below to dispense soap. Isn't it great?? It's been a few weeks after i haf this and hoping it still work great. I heard a lot of comments about this but who knows. Let see and find out. I got this for free but this review just does represent about my experience and seller doesn't have any say anything about it. 😊☺

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ACEVOG Women's Double-Breasted Fold-Collar Wool-Blend Coat Wool Jacket (Dark Gray)

Women's Double-Breasted Fold-Collar Wool-Blend Coat Wool Jacket

 This wool jacket is elegant and pretty decent. the material made is great, soft and comfy. the details are very fine and the design is very nice and decent too. i haven't tried to wear it during a very cold and windy snowy weather but i'm planning to try it on and test how it works. if it keeps you warm or not. but by just looking at it, it seems very comfy and warmed. it is pretty big for a small size for me but i can still wear it. i am still happy and satisfied. Thanks ACEVOG. i got this for free but the seller has no say about what i wrote here. it just just purely experience and how i see this coat as a whole. (buyer/reviewer).

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Collosal Volumized EyeMascara

   I really like this mascara because it makes my eyelash fuller, volumized and curl. it also adds drama and makes me feel like i'm a freaking need to wear false eyelashes or had your eyelashes done like eyelash extentions or whatsoever. i really love it. #colossal eye mascara @Maybelline @Influenster #voxbox #igotthisforfree to test but my opinion is mine alone. no one has nothing on sat about this review.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Womens Winter Gloves Touch Screen Gloves

Womens Winter Gloves Touch Screen Gloves Thick Warm Windproof Mittens from Vbiger  Shop, Amazon

This pair of gloves is very comfortable to wear. it has a touch screen tip that allows you to access your phone without removing it regardless of what the weather throws at you! the stylish design makes it look more classy and fashionable especially with the delicate decorated lace and with a bowknot on the cuff. the material made is nice and thick so it keeps you warm from cold winter weather

One thing that only bothers me about this product is that, when i bought it. There is no available size for me which is "small" the only size left was large but I like the design and how it looks so i decided to get it plus I got it for free or a discounted price, So i grab the opportunity. hahahaha besides it's just a gloves. but apart from that, it is still comfortable to wear and not bulky compared to other gloves you'll seen at the store. even though it is somehow big, i can still manage to shaped and fit nicely into my hands except for the fingers length because i have a really small fingers/hands. 

Another thing, i was worried or wondered about is, if the bow last longer but will see. they seem sewed nicely but in general, i like it so far. 

So if you are looking for a very comfy yet fashionable gloves, this one is definitely what you are looking for. Very affordable. so grab yours now and join the fun!!! 😊😉😇😋😍