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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pink Silky Flowy Top

This pink blouse with very wide neckline is cute and fashionable. It is made up of a cotton and silk materials that flows and fits into your body shape. It is stretchable and lightweight too. The unique design is incomparable. 

This type of style and design is perfect for when you go to a party either indoor or outdoor, attend Church Mass or just casual and you can pair it with bandeau skirt, pair of jeans or pants or shorts with heels or flats. This is good for Spring, Fall or winter too because of it's long sleeves to protect you from breezy air and cold winds.


if you're a small petite kinda gal like me, this one is a must have. cause it is somehow true to it's size. I love wearing this. it is very comfy and relaxing. 

Womens Tanktop Deep V Chiffon Irregular Flowy Tunic Tops

V Chiffon Irregular Flowy Tunic Tops by Flora Florida  

This women's trendy top is made of a nice quality chiffon, which makes it look more elegant. The  irregular front hem design makes this top unique. The sleeves and the deep v design neckline makes you feel comfortable and keep you cool in the hot summer. This Chiffon Tank Top blouse can be matched with jeans or leggings; sandals, boots, casual shoes, shorts, etc too.

Good thing about this chiffon blouse is that, it doesn't wrinkled and bleed when washed in the water and it's easy to dry too because of its lightweight material. Like washed and dry!

Wash Tips:
1. Hand wash is highly recommended;
2. Keep it away from spiculate objects to avoid being torn;
3. Steam it with steamer to get all the wrinkles out from shipping before your first wearing. 

This tanktop chiffon blouse is a bit long for me since i have a small petite built but to all the ladies that are tall and skinny or voluptuous, you can still buy this because it offers more sizes like from Small to XL and it comes with six (6) colors; like Azure, (which i chose),Green,Orange, Red, White and Yellow. 

This tanktop chiffon blouse is suitable for when you go to the beach or lake, parties either indoor or outdoor or just casual wear in any kind of occasions.


Fashion Wristwatch for Boys and Girls; A Perfect Gift

Fashion Wristwatch for Boys and Girls by Viliysun

Watch Specs:

  • It has original installation import movement
  • LCD display screen 
  • ABS Plastic case, High transparent resin glass
  • Battery: CR2025 .
  • So many function: Anti-Magnetic,Anti-Vibration, Alarm, Stopwatch, Date & Week & Calendar, LED Night Light.

 I am really looking for a digital wristwatch that's fashionable yet useful and i found this watch in Amazon. I like this wristwatch because it has all the specs and characteristics that i am looking for for a very affordable price $15.00. I love the color, the looks, the weight and it's usage. This product is definitely me! fashionable, boyish but somewhat girly too in some point. 

As you can see in my photo, The screen is big which i love about it, plus it has a four (4) buttons so you can set the dates/time, mode, it has light button too when it's dark and you wanna see the time and it has reset and start every time you'll gonna used the timer. 
Another feature of this is that, it's good for 30 Meters Water Resistance which means you don't have to worry if you're wearing it and you do hand wash or swimming.

NOTE: Please Don't Press Any Key if you're Underwater.


  • The package includes the Wristwatch x 1 and Instruction Manual x 1
I would definitely recommend this watch if you're looking for a perfect gift for yourself, loved ones or friends. It comes with four (4) colors too if you don't like the purple one i got. Some of the colors to chose from are: pink, blue and black....

Portable Oxford Travel Shoe Bags with Zipper Closure

4 Pack Shoe Bags by M-jump

This portable, secured and well-organized shoe bags is a really smart idea to a jetsetter and a traveller like me cause all your bags are always packed and ready to go. You don't to worry that all your clothes gets dirty or all your necessary shoes can fit in. You will definitely love this!!!

When you buy the product from M-Jump, you don't only choose one color but you can have four (4) of them for the price of one. That's the deal whether you like it or not and it comes with four (4) different colors too like: purple, blue, dark blue and pink. 

This product is made up of Oxford material so it can be washed and dry. It's easy to dry off too when you're always on the go since it is made up of a very lightweight and thin material and it's a semi-waterproof too when you're worried that you left it somewhere or got rained. 

What I like about this product too is the design and colors. The zippers are in great shaped and each one has a handle and a travel plane trademark that's unique and cute. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pencil Case #Cosmetic Bags #Stationery Case #Canvas #Cube Style (Dots)

Pencil Case by UINSTONE

  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: 7'' x 3.3'' x 2.8''/18cm x 8.5cm x 7cm/ 
  • Large capacity, able to store phone, pens and other stationery

Got this very cute and stylish Pencil Case in Amazon. It is not only for that used but can also be a cosmetic bag, a cellphone carrier bag and a pouch. It is spacious, pretty durable and decent too especially the zippers and the materials. You can really see how the stitches are well made and tailored and it is made of Canvas. 

What i like about this product is that, since it is made up of cloth every time it gets dirty or wet you can just wash it and used again, unlike other pencil cases you've seen in the store that's made up of leatherette or plastic-rubberlike case. Once it gets dirty, wet or stained, it's good to go. You can't reused it again cause it looks horrible. 

I like the design. It looks so cute and classy as well as the color. "minty Green/blue" is my favorite. It looks really durable. I Would definitely recommend this since school days already starts and it's perfect for your kids.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Gel Pen Liners from Marc Jacobs

Introducing the Award-Winning Highliner Gel Eye Crayon is Now in High-Impact Matte 

Gear up with this gel Eyeliner Crayon from Marc Jacobs courtesy of Crowdtap this summer and be the best among the rest. I got this for free to test and share about my ideas and opinions about this product in my most honest reviews possible. #complimentary #gotitforfree #MarcJacobs by @Crowdtap. 

I am very excited to received this product and show the world what i got. for me, it's one of a kind experience. I guess all my efforts pays off now. Thank You so much!!! 

I am one of those lucky lady that has been chosen to try this. #feelingLucky #startcollecingGelPens #makeupsforFree #Thankyousomuch

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote by BlitzWolf

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod with Remote for iphone 6 6s 7 plus Android Samsung Galaxy 3.6-6'' Screen Device 3 in 1 Mini Pocket Extendable Monopod Aluminum Alloy 360 Degree Rotation

 I really love taking photos of nices views and sceneries i've just passed or the places i've been to when i get the chance to travel and of course selfie is not out of the picture. My always buddy when i travel is my phone, camera and monopod but lately, my monopod broke and i want new that something different but it caters all my needs. so i do research in amazon and found this Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod with remote by BlitzWolf, pretty amazing isn't it? it's very affordable and it only cost $19.00.

What I like about this gadget is that, it's not only a monopod but a tripod in one. Wow!
now i can do selfies or groupies with the help of this gadget. Another thing is that, it allows you to take selfies and you could separate the controller to take group photos like parties, graduations, travels or any kind of occasions. sky's the limit. 

This gadget comes with a pretty decent black box along with its manual and registration insert. If you have any questions on how to used and set this up all you can do is just refer to its instructional manual. Ist is easy to use and very portable to carry cause it just weigh 5.02 oz. very sleek and handy. It is made up of a very solid yet lightweight plastic, rubber and aluminum alloy so it won't tarnish and rush over the time. 

Features of this gadget that i like most about are the Full 360 degree head Rotation and the Full 360 degree Clamp Rotation: 

The head of the selfie stick can rotate a full 360 degrees for capturing the perfect shot.
The clamp can also be rotate up to 360° for choosing the horizontal or vertical camera mode. The "adiabatic" phone clamp is covered by soft silicone material interior to protect your phone from scratching. 
Another thing is, it has 225 degree Neck Rotation and Wide Angle Compatibility.
With it's neck, you can adjust the knob and Rotate it to 225 degree to get a different views and angles. 

The selfie stick is suited for any types of cell phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, Sony, etc. This covers almost all 3.5 inch ~ 6 inch smartphones becuase it stretches out a couple of inches more than it's usual measurement but if your phone or phone case doesn't fit into it, you need to take out or removed your case so it can able to fit in. You don't need to worry cause once your phone is attached it can never be moved or fell out.  

If you're wandering where's your remote control for the shutter. it is attached to the based. you seen that chip that has a symbol that's the remote. you can always refer to manual on how to detach it and lastly, how to setup the gadget as a tripod. all you have to do is spread the bottom part of the stick and split it into three like i've shown in the photos above. Then Viola! instant tripod and you're up to go for a selfie-photography or a groupies. I love this gadget and i would really recommend it. you're money is worth it.