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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

My Product Review for Sonic Facial Cleanser from Touch Beauty

Sonic Facial Cleanser has two functions. SONIC VIBRATION FACIAL CLEANSER and EYE MASSAGER REMOVES DARK CIRCLES AND PUFFINESS. it has a WATER-DROP SHAPE HEAD DESIGN, 100% WATERPROOF and 100% Safe Facial Cleansing Device according to FDA.

This 2-IN-1 Sonic Facial Cleanser.. is definitely a woman should buy for their everyday use to have more glowing, healthier and younger looking skin . This Facial cleanser has a very soft nanometer bristles, it means tiny little bristle brush that doesn't do any harm on your skin. Another thing that caught my eye is it comes with an Eye Massager. I got puffy and dark circles around my eye which is very bad and discouraging because it makes you look more mature and old for your age. And fatigue, stress and sleepless night and even wrong beauty routine can cause it too. When i saw this product, knowing the best it has to offer, I decided to purchased and use it after receiving it. It's my 3rd time using this product and i can say, it is reliable and effective and perfect for any skin type or even sensitive and acne prone skin like mine Plus, the Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Eye Massager works well too. although it's too early to say that my impurities and dark circles are gone but i can already notice some of the effect and result compare before of not using it. I also observed that my skin soften and my dark circles and puffiness around my eyes lighten up. Slowly but surely and needs effort and patience to achieve it. I am looking forward to see better result in the long run. I love it. I got this for free and i made this review voluntarily and just gave my honest review and opinion and it has nothing to do with the seller.

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