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Friday, June 30, 2017

FOXBRIM Organic Castor Oil

As we all heard Castor Oils, Argan Oil and Grapeseed oil are good for us. I do some research about the said oils and one that really caught my attention is the Castor Oil.

Scientific Name – Ricinus communis
Origin – Africa and India
Other Names – Arandi Ka Tel (Hindi), Aamudamu (Telugu), Erandela Tela (Marathi), Amanakku Enney (Tamil), Avanakkenna (Malayalam), and Rerira Tela (Bengali).

Castor Oil has a lot of benefits for your SKIN like; healed inflamed skin, figt signs of aging when used it on your face regularly, reduce acne even if it's an oil, it didn't cause breakouts,it moisturizes skin and fades blemishes.

Castor Oil has a lot of benefits for your HAIR like; promotes hair growth, treat scalp infection, prevents premature hair graying and conditioned hair. 

I really wanna have luscious, voluminous and curved eyelashes and thicker hair and eyebrow that makes me encourage to do some more researched about castor oil and come up with the idea of finding a store to where i can buy and try some. so I went online particularly in Amazon and find out a lot of store and brand to chose from. then, i found this Foxbrim Organic Castor oil and decided to buy it. it's a bit pricey though but good thing a get some deal of it from a friend. As soon as I received it, i did take a chance right away. ever night before going to bed, i put it on with a brush mascara
 brush which i cleaned and emptied it because i used it and used it as an applicator for easy used. I didn't see any result yet after a month but the next month after. I would really say, patience is a virtue. although the result it not as tremendous and as hilarious as what as i have expected but atleast i see the difference. My eyebrow is somewhat thick and long compared before and of course my lashes too. 

Here's my before and after using Castor Oil picture and see the difference. #nofilter I bought this product 6 months ago.

                                        after 2-3 Months of Using Castor Oil: Right Eye

Left Eye


                                        After 6 Months of using Castor Oil and counting!!!!